Friday, May 06, 2016

Bad dream

A recurring nightmare. I'm somewhere else, with people I know, and others I don't. A place for research it seems. It's getting dark, we go to our rooms, I have a roommate. Our next room co-workers? Are up and about. Something is outside. They are playing, drilling holes in walls. I'm scared because there's a snake next door, I'm afraid they'll let it loose. One goes up the wall, and opens a hatchet, he gets dragged outside. Quickly. No more sound. We stay still. Hearing. There are steps in the roof. Someone, something is trying to get in. Is trying to get us. The whole house is roused. Someone goes out to find our friend. He is taken too. We close all doors and windows. I make myself wake up, but I'm very sleepy, I can't make real from dream, and this scares me more. I fall asleep again, and I pick up from where I left. There is something on the roof. We are scared. I'm scared. I don't move. I've returned to the dream so I make myself wake up again. I'm dreaming I'm dreaming I'm dreaming. I dose off. There are people gathered at the back door, the one next to my room. They want to go outside. We should wait till morning. We do, but morning, day and evening go in a second, we are back at dawn. Standing next to the door. Someone ties a rope around his waist, and the other end is tied to an older, bigger man. He goes out. No sooner he is out, the door closes, the rope is pulled, fast, to fast, to hard. The man gets its off just in time before he is decapitated. We are lost. I wake again. I don't want to dream this anymore. I'm reassured by my dogs next to me. They sleep. I sleep again. I'm back. We are remembering we were given a sort of fountain, on of those "zhen " garden types. But there was a warning. It was either cursed, or you had to do something, keep it from filing, to avoid the curse. We can't remember, but just like that a girl, her I know, I've known her since we were little, she is little again, she runs outside, meaning to empty it. We hear noise, steps, hooves? I wake. Please! I don't want to go back!!!!! I'm sure I can try to stear my dream away. How wrong I am. She is gone too. Everyone is scared. Something is trying to open the door. The other door. Did we check windows? Doors? Draw the curtains! We sit in the living room. I know this living room. It's changed. But the big window at the end is still there. We sit. We wait. There's noise, wind, branches. I wake up and I make myself sit down. I hear something, outside my door. My dogs still sleep so there can't be anything. I make myself get up. I need to move, I need to open my door, I need to see.
I don't want to go back to sleep. I'm scared.

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