Saturday, June 27, 2015

And the days become dark as nights
But there is no moon to guide my way
It's warm, sticky warm, but still I keep shivering
I've gone silent, but the voices grow loud
It's me again, all because of me
Trying to stay positive grows harder
An imminent end seems to come
And I keep blaming myself
For the fairytale promises once made
And broken, dust covered, in a corner
What started to be a beating heart
Is getting slower, silent almost
Longing for a touch
Wishing for a kiss
Hoping to still be loved
And yet you know none will come
Our fate you decided long, long ago
But you refused to let go
I refuse to let go
I don't know about you
But for me, is because I am in love

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Let's stay seated while we watch time fly
Will keep wondering if it's time to get up and catch it
And all I'll hear is wait! Not just yet
I thought it was a sane voice trying to protect me
I felt it was the right thing to do

Now all I can do is watch
See everyone and everything go by
As I keep on daydreaming of all that was supposed to be

Hard as I tried, still I dove heart first, not waiting to feel the waters
Not looking for a tide
And all I can do is wait and see if I drown, wait and see if I float
For being rescued seems far far gone
I can't recall just when it changed, but it was fast, it left none alive

Am I wrong? Is it me again? Do I read too much into things?
Or is it just how it's meant to be?
My fears could be real, my head could be right, it's me, just me, and thats how I should be

Just give me time

Little by little, I'll be getting tired
Little by little, I'll stop waiting,
At first for small things,
At large, of everything
Give me enough time,
And I'll get stronger
Neglect me some more,
And you'll never find me
Keep forgetting about me
And when you open your eyes
I'll be long gone