Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I've struggled most of my life with my body. By that, I don't mean weight issues, twice yes, but i mean I've hated my body.
I always thought it was normal. You see girls talking about how they hate their bodies in movies and tv, and so you look at yourself and think, well crap! If that perfect girl thinks she's fat, I've got biiiig trouble!!!! And then my friends also complained about stuff, so it seemed the normal thing to do.
I grew up thinking I had a really bad, thick, chubby, squishy body. Even when I was doing 2 to 4 hours of exercise a day, yes, that much!
So what was wrong with me? What's still wrong with me?!
Yesterday I was doing cardio, I don't usually do that kind of work out, I'm more a yoga girl, but because I need it to control my anxiety and depression. And ten minutes into the class, I looked down, saw my belly, and had a full on anxiety crisis. I ended in fetal position on my mat, trying to control my hyperventilation and trying to stop the tears. At that moment not only was I thinking "what I'm a doing? Nothing I do helps me look good! Why even try?" But I went full on " what the fuck I'm a doing?!"
after I managed to calm down, I did a relaxing yoga sequence and managed to calm down. So what happened? Was my belly so awful? Was the work out too much?
Well it did take me a while, but I finally admitted my dysmorphia. It's not extreme (at least I hope so), but enough to not see what people say they see, and definitely enough to make me hate my body at times. But why? Plain old tv? Well...
i grew up being told I had a belly. More so, I was made fun for wearing spandex shorts at age 7. By my dad. And was constantly terrorized by him, even today, 24 years later, I use a ball to compare my belly at times; it looks like a swallowed a ball. I had anorexia for a year, never told anyone (while it was going on, told plenty after), and I hate tight clothes, I just started using yoga pants almost a year after I started yoga. I used to wear pants, and when I used the only yoga pant I had, I felt fat, stuffed in there, and I never left my house like that.
So today, as a part of trying to get better, hoping to help someone who's going through something similar, but mostly because I don't want to have a crisis every time I see my belly or a body roll, I'm accepting I don't see my body as it is, but as a distortion of what it actually is.
I want to change. I want to feel good.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rant (love makes girls stupid)

So I have to vent. Mostly.
I've talked about relationships, not so much here I think, but a little, and what I've found is that love makes girls stupid (maybe guys too, but i lack the expertise there).
My friend wrote to me the other day, saying she had been dumped. Obviously I asked what happened, and tried to be supportive and caring; don't worry he'll be back, he'll realize what he lost, you are worth so much more! Bla bla bla
Thats it till she told me what happened. Basically they got into an argument that started because she made a face at something and things exploded after that. I wasn't there, but I'm guessing it was a bit more than just a face (he can't be such an ass right?) well, then she told me how he handled it, and basically he made a tantrum and dumped her. The main reason for the fight was what made me mad. Not cool. So I went from don't worry, to maybe it's for the best (yes I know, that's a big no-no when it just happened, we are blocked of all reason and judgment), anyway, they broke up, or should I say, they stopped dating.... This is where it gets interesting, or infuriating. She told me how much she loved him, how he was the one...not very relevant, except, that they've been going out for 6 months, never made it formal, he has been very clear about that, and a couple of weeks ago, they had a sort of "talk". He told her when they should think of getting married and having kids. At first she said she was confused, even scared, a week later she said she was excited and couldn't believe this was happening. Well...after the fight, she forwarded some of the after texts, and this were two of the things that really pissed me off!! He wrote: it's a good thing I didn't ask you to be my girlfriend last month, we would of broken up yesterday (they've been going out for 6 months!!!!), and then: I can't believe what a total psycho you are! And used that word to describe her on three more texts. I won't say she kept her cool, but she did not, at any point insult him or used emotional stuff to hurt him like he did!
Now, why the f are you talking wedding and kids if you can't make your relationship formal??
and then there's the first incident! One time they went out, ran into some friends of his when they were leaving the restaurant, when the check came, she took out her wallet since she had said: come on, I'll buy us lunch. He reacts by telling her, infront of his friends, to put her wallet away, that he is paying. She obliged, they got in the car, and after a minute of silence, she asks what's wrong, and he proceeds to yell at her: don't you ever!!! Do that again, specially infront of my friends! I'm the man, I pay.
Well uber man, my friend is older than him, working, and making good money. He is an intern, and is making less than a 100 dollars a month (closer to 50 actually), so his mom is paying for him!!! Where's you fucked up macho attitude now bitch?!!!!
yep, sorry, got a bit mad there
Well, now it seems she's forgiven him, well no, actually, HE forgave HER!!! They are back to dating, and she has basically said yes, it's ok to yell at me, yes, you can insult me and call me a psycho, yes, I'll do what you want, and I'll behave...
The way I see it, by putting a "future" in sight, he made her feel happy, calm, loved. And when he took it away, she was obviously lost!!! Who wouldn't? But that is no future!!!! She is willing to change but he isn't??? (That was in the texts, yes, she'll change for him but knows he won't change) How messed up is that?????????
I am pissed, I am mad, I want to help her realize how much she is worth and how little this asshole is!!!! I want her to know she doesn't have to settle, she shouldn't have to change, and that it's not love, it's the idea of love!!!
Well, I've rant, I know I should be talking to her, not writing it here (no she doesn't know this blog exist or I wouldn't be doing this), but I think she would feel attacked and get defensive, and we would end fighting, so can't do it right now
Thanks for your ears

Friday, August 12, 2016

Not sleeping but not writing either

I barely post. Sometimes I can get in a mood and post a lot, most of the time, I don't. I started this blog because I wanted to share most of what's up in my head, but found it hard after some months. If you look at my overall post, I was doing fine at the begging, then kind of forgot about it. I have a great excuse!! I was doing my medical internship and then my social service, it wasn't that easy to post on my blog (I'm still trying to get with all this technology mind you), and now, well now it's just me.
Here is how it goes. I love books, I've always lived books. I've always dreamed of writing a book. So why don't I? Same as my blog. I get in the way. I haven't even sat down and I'm already thinking I won't be able to write, or if I do, it won't be good. On my heads defense, because of my anxiety, I can start getting of topic and end up ranting about something completely different , and usually of topic. So back to my writing. Most of the day, it terrifies me to try and write, and sometimes I don't even think about it, until night. And when I say night, I mean 1-2 am when I can't sleep, and a whole new problem arises! I know I should sleep, I want to sleep!!! But using my phone or tablet (computer is out of the question here, but I do consider it sometimes) will wake me up even more. Then I think, well, if my mind wants to write at this hour, I could change my sleep/wake hours and try writing. But work, and responsabilities, and just thinking that I will get a "you JUST woke up?" text, that always makes me feel ashamed, I end up laying in bed, thinking I need to sleep and I'll write tomorrow. I wake up late and tired, and go throu the whole thing the next day. And when I think about writing on the next day, I've mostly forgotten what I wanted to say.
so this post isn't what I wanted to write at 2am. It's actually what I'm feeling now, tired, trying to remember what I wanted to say some hours ago, and thinking I can't sleep because I have to return to work at 2pm, and if I want to have breakfast and eat before, i should only take a nap, but those rarely go well for me.

oh hum! For now, I'll go get breakfast (which I've been thinking about since 10 pm!!) then I'll consider that nap.