Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Spoilt dog

So I have four dogs. And I love them. And they are spoilt! Very, very spoiled.
I know I'm not the only one, and I'm not even close to the worst ones, but still.
i recently read, mind you, saw, a segment of Cesar Millan about this. And he said it was a type of animal cruelty, basically becaus you are not letting your dog be dog. At first I was kind of pissed, I mean, I'm not cruel to them! I love them! And I also have an on going fight with my dad about him wanting grandchildren and me having dogs...
Any way, I kept thinking about it, and it does make sense, and sometimes I excuse myself with many things (one is very old and has a hip problem, another one has breathing problems, the smallest one throws herself to the ground when I try taking her on walks, etc). So I won't make it long, I have insomnia (but that's something for another time), and my mind passed from when the new the expandables movie is coming out, and a dog a lost over 5 years ago. And every time I think of her, I get sad. I had her since she was a puppy, and she was with me throu university, I had her 6 years, and then she was stolen. Or that's what my neighbors gardener thinks. And today I ended up thinking of her, and how smart she was, and how much I missed her. And I remembered how she never got on the furniture unless invited. And how I now sleep with four dogs and a cat in my bed. And it hit me. When I lost her I started letting my other dogs on the sofa and bed, because I wanted them close. I needed them close. So im thinking maybe my guilt is hurting them, I'm spoiling them and not letting them "dog" because I can't have my dog with me.
Well then I look at them snoring next to my feet and I'm fine, I play with them, I don't humanize them too much (I think), but will make an effort to take to their needs.
And I will always miss my girl.

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