Monday, February 08, 2016

Will there ever be trust?
If the beginning was founded upon lies
Can the love be matched?
If it was never there to begin with
Should you move forward and accept what it is?
If it was never true

The lying, the new age cheating, the ignoring and pushing aside
The pain that you let this happen, over and over, even if you like to think of yourself as strong
Hearing your heart break, every passing day
How horrible you feel when with a kiss, he puts it back together
To hold a bit longer, to take one more punch, to stand one more push
And you smile
For today maybe he realized he loves you
Today, he might see you as you see him
So you stand along him, supporting, chearing, caring
Even if he never looks at you
Even if you are invisible
You hold
You fight
And everyday you break

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