Sunday, February 25, 2018

When you are reminded of how alone you are

Im usually good at ignoring being alone (living alone, i do have friends and family, which i keep at arms lenght but thats another thing), but today it made me cry. It a stupi (not so much) fall. ‘Cus im super agile, i got my foot stuck when it was up, and took the step, falling and hiting the floor with my knees, then my first foot came loose from where it was stuck, hitting the floor with my ankle (dont know the name in english, but external “maleolo”, there, thats its name in spanish). So that made me cry of pain, and afterwardsi started crying because im alone and no one would of known, if my head had hitting something hard and not the bed. Now im in pain, and gladly ignoring how alone and sad i now feel by binge watching series on netflix. O yeah and after some hours, this is the only place i can think of to vent. I thought of facebook, nope, instagram and a pic of my knee? Nope, only cute pics there right?, twiter? Good optionbut people do answer and i do have some friends in there, so nope. Here, havent gotten a response that wasnt spam in a long time, so i think we are good.
i vent here, i take out of my head, and i feel a bit better.

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