Sunday, November 05, 2017

One in every two

Today is one of those days when everything feels harder
just eating kills any energy i had left
getting something done its an acomplishment in its own
something not basic? A big win
ive felt lost
everyday just passes by
i dont feel im accomplishing anything
im greatfull for work and class, i cant think of anything there, im completly distracted, and my head cant wander off
then, im empty
i stop being
im gone
i just wait for the day to be over and the next begins
ive got one joy and i feel im failing them
so what kept me going, makes me wonder if there is something better for them?
could i find peopke to take care of them better than me?
can they love them as much as i do?
can they be happy without me?
im lost
i cant see the light
i cant find the road back home
i just go darker and darker

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