Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Baby spiders in my eye!!!

So I got (maybe) baby spiders in my eyes.
It started earlier, I was doing a bit of gardening (which was basically cutting two dried plants), and as I left the hose to do its thing on its own, I went inside because I was draining coffee oil. I multitask, but mostly because I start doing several things one after the other and then have to run to move the hose before it spills, turn the oven/stove off, you get the point. So I was putting the last of the oil, when I noticed something moving right I front of my right eye, I thought it was a hair or a mosquito, but then I finally focused and ohmyfrikinggaaaaaaaad its a spider!!!!!!! A managed to put the stuff I was holding without freaking out and throwing it, and successfully smashed that mutantninjakiller spider with my hands, aaaaaand then I felt something in my eye. I ran for a mirror, because of course it could only be the baby spiders hatching in my right eye, and I would have to smash some more and then take a shower in pure alcohol. Turns out it was just the spiders web, the little ass had somehow gotten in my eyelashes and descended from there. I'm still looking into the mirror every time I feel something in my eye, but I'm guessing (hopping) I won't have hatching spiders waking me up anytime soon. I hope.

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