Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Let's hold hands and pretend it doesn't bother you
Let's hug and kiss and public like a normal couple
Let's pretend tonight that we are in love and everything's fine

Hold my hand like you actually want to
Hug me tight and never let go
Kiss me in public, melt my fears away
Show me you love me, it's not all pretend

The moment you choose to leave
There is no trace of me in your life
No one will know
You will forget

The moment you leave me
I'll be surrounded by painful memories
I'll delete photos that I have shared
I will cry and hurt

I want my good nights
I need my "good morning"
But begging for them is slowly killing me
Not accepting I'm not your forever
Is taking a toll

How could I let my walls down?
Years just melted away for you
How can I love you this much?
If I'm nothing to you

I still have to figure out what was the plan?
Why did you seek me?
Why make me dream?

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