Sunday, August 02, 2015

No moon to shine tonight
The mental pain is greater than the one my body feels
No cuteness noticed
No love demonstration felt
How dumb to think I could finally be me
How stupid to believe you would be the one to notice
And my heart still jumps when I hear from you
My stomach turns thinking that's you
No flowers no thank yous
And yet I still believe

One day you'll notice
One day you'll care
One day you'll see all I do all I feel

Till then I'll keep dreaming
I'll stay in my far away land
Where your face lights when you see me
Your heart beats faster when you think of me

When your mind is on me
And you've stopped all the lying
For you've finally love me

Till then
I'll stay gone
For I only keep hurting myself
And I don't want to hurt you

I'll say goodnight to myself
For none is coming from you

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