Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mend me

I've forgotten how to trust
I was screwed up so bad, hard as I try, my mind keeps wondering off
Soo many messed up relationships, yet I could still get up
And then I met my breaking point
And then my pieces where scattered all over the place

Now, try as I may, I seem to be missing what little strength I used to have
What magical world I could escape to and fix myself
I can see the door, but it won't open
I try, I really try, but yet it creeps in the back of my mind
What ever evil took me down once, keeps scratching, and scratching

I miss believing in fairy tales
I miss waiting for my Prince Charming
Now what comes to mind when I try to think of a happy ever after,
Is how bad I'm I going to screw this up?
And how long before he leaves me?

I keep trying a calming way
Finding a place where I can be without my head
Stillness comes as I lay there, feeling the sweet breeze wash my tears away
I watch the trees dance to a melodic song
I can feel the sun caressing my skin as I close my eyes and just let go

The one thing I can be sure, is being with you does give me hope
Touching you does make me smile
Laying next to you I drift to a magical place where I once used to live
Holding you can shout up the meanest of my demons
But still not one is killed or vanished, they lay dormant for the time being, just waiting to get me alone

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