Friday, July 05, 2013


I took my doll bed, a baby's bed, put blankets and a toy, cover the floor around it with news paper and placed your food and water bowls there. We were in my room. You snuggled in your new bed and we both went to sleep, for about three hours, when you woke up, got out of bed and peed and pooed (diarrhea), drank some water and started to cry. I was already awake, you made a lot of noise getting out, so I got up to check on you. I realized you had gotten out, moved as close as you could to the water and went to the bathroom there. You hadn't moved from that spot. I picked you up, cleaned you and put you in bed, cleaned the floor, put more news papers and went to bed. Three hours later, we were up again. I guess I knew from the start, but until the third time, I realized (accepted) you could hardly move.

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