Monday, April 09, 2007

Her wings (III parte)

He felt his heart pounding really loud and fast, and he feared she would notice. But that was just silly, he thought. She sat opposite of him, he knew she would do that, but he had hopped otherwise, he didn’t know why, but he wanted to smell her.
Talk was small and superficial at first, it felt they needed their coffee to really start. She was the one that started asking questions, he had hopped she did, his mind was almost blank at the time, all he could think of was the way she moved, soo delicate and yet soo precise, and how her lips gave way to a faint smile every time she took a sip of her coffee.
Talk focused on career, about them, now and tomorrow, he was beginning to think she was avoiding relationships on purpose, and he began to wonder if she was alone.
She finally asked. She made a devilish smile, leaned over as if she was about to reveal a big secret, and waited. He took a sip of coffee, tried to clear his mind, he didn’t know how to answer, tell her he was engaged or not, he was wishing he had asked first, he wanted (needed) to know her answer.
He said he had a girlfriend, he waited to see her reaction, hoped to see disappointment, confusion, some indicator that she hadn’t been hoping for that answer. Her smile grew, she winked at him, told him she was happy for him and that she hoped he was happy. He only nodded. What about you? He wanted to ask her that, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

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