Sunday, June 28, 2009

ull loose me

ur killing me and u dont even care
u spend all ur time trying to be liked by everyone
u forgot about me
its like u dont love me anymore
or now that u have me, u dont have to try
but i cant take much more of living in this world
where all that matters is u
all u care about is being liked
all u want is to be everyones one and only
and if u keep doing what ur doing
ull end up alone
ull end up without me
and ull cry
cus theres no one like me
theres no one that can fill my place next to you
and u better know this
u dont want to chance just because u would feel powerless,
nude to the world
and u know u want to chance,
and u know u dont want to loose me,
but ur too scared

and yet im going...

it kills me day to day

it kills me day to day
i see it getting worse
i feel it going wrong
my insides feel dead
my outside wants to die
i dont know how much longer i can keep this up
i cant keep smiling every day
i cant keep living every day
its too much
and its not fair
i get to live with this
i get to deal with this
and everything else
and no breaks for me
no special treatments
no help can be given
i feel too much pain
i cant keep it up