Friday, March 23, 2007

Her wings (II parte)

He had been walking to the store when he saw her. For a minute he felt young again, he felt he was 20 again, she looked almost the same. As she turned to look who was tapping her in the shoulder, reality came back to him. She did look the same, she even looked more radiant, just more grown up. She looked great in white, she always looked great. Time slowed down as her smile started to form, it got soo slow he could almost see her wings.

All this time he couldn’t get her smile of his mind, it had always been soo powerful, soo calming. They were going out for coffee, to catch up on their lives, and all he could feel was scared. He didn’t know how to tell her she had been right, he had grown old. But most of all, he was scared to hear her say she was happy, that she had been right about that too, that she was the one for him, but he had never been the one for her.
He tried to shake this thoughts away, he was engaged, he was happy, right?...but he knew he wasn’t, he had never been happy since she left. He wanted to tell her, ask her too, to make everything right again, but he was too afraid she would say no.

He got to their meeting point half an hour early. He was never early. He felt anxious, he tried to calm himself, thinking over and over about his life, but all he got was more anxious.
She got there just in time, she opened the door, looked around, found him, smiled and started to walk towards him. As if she was walking on air, it appeared to him that she was floating. She was wearing a pair of old blue jeans that where a little too big for her, and made her body look even curvier, she had an old green t-shirt, that fitted just fine, and she had her tennis, they looked old and worn out, but they complimented her outfit just perfect. She had her hair in a loose ponytail, and hardly any make up on. She looked gorgeous. She always did.

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