Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Light my day

To bring a ray of light thru all this darkness
Even if it would be rejected in any other day
But still, as impossible as she knew it was,
it was all she could hope for today

She sat outside, sometimes looking down,
but mostly looking at the sky,
waiting , just…waiting

The sky was cloudless, but almost completely dark
As hope was slowly draining from her body,
a light shown in the sky
Her pulse got fast, too fast
She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her face getting hot and feeling drowsy
Then it was gone
She wasn’t sure what it was, but a drop of water,
that lightly fell on her chic, made it all clear

It only took seconds for the rain to start falling heavy,
the rays kept lighting up the sky

1, 2, 3, 4…another ray 5, 6…thunder
That meant it was far

She had always been afraid of lightning,
and her mother had told her to count, so she would know how far away it was,
but that hadn’t helped much

Today she didn’t care
She even wanted them to come closer

1, 2, 3, 4

It was getting closer, normally she would run inside,
and hide under the covers
But this time she didn’t even move
The rain felt soo good falling in her face,
she could see her breath taking form infront of her,
she knew it was really cold,
but she didn’t feel anything

Every drop felt like a sweet touch on her skin, a caress
As the rain smudged her makeup, as it got all of her hair wet,
her clothes completely drenched, she felt at peace,
she felt like she was being hugged, she felt loved
That wet and freezing feeling around her,
that cold hug, was the sweetest and warmest, she had been given in many years

That made her start crying
How could it be, that the rain coul feel soo much better around her,
touching her, that anyone who had ever tried?

1, 2, 3

Getting closer, every second it passed,
It got closer

Yet she didn’t run
Not this time
All her life that’s what she had always done,
and she was good at it too!
But not this time, not when she was feeling loved,
Even when it wasn’t from someone


Almost here

As she lowered her gaze, she saw that not far away,
a ray of light was shining thru all that darkness
her body wanted to stand up and run to it,
get dry, feel warm again
But her mind didn’t let her
She felt good sitting here, she was waiting for it to get to her,
catch up for the first time in her life, finally find her


It was here

As she realized what she was hoping, she cried even harder

Of all the odds, of one chance in a million
She knew what was next
And she knew she could run, keep hiding
but her head and her heart knew it was time

The last of her tears rolled down
Her last smile warmed her face, for everyone she loved, yet for no one to see
Her light green eyes sparkled, for one last look
Her heart pounded for one last time


Then silence

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